About Me

I like to think of myself as a pretty simple, goofy, and easy-going guy. I also happen to teach online and am incredibly interested in different topics related to online teaching and learning, specifically as these topics relate to college and university education. Through this site I hope to introduce you (you probably possess many of the same interests and personality traits that I do!) to the potential that online teaching and related activities truly possess and to give you an idea of how rewarding pursuing these activities can have for you both financially and personally.

Although I attended a large, traditional, brick and mortar school for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I completed my doctorate via distance learning.  Ever since I enrolled and starting taking online courses, I’ve been hooked on online learning and teaching! I’m interested in all of the evolving nuances that are associated with the practice and profession.

I completed my doctoral degree from a not-as-large, traditional, brick and mortar university, but roughly 98 percent of the program was conducted online. During the second year of my doctoral program, I secured my first online teaching job, becoming an online instructor at the same time that I was an online student. This perspective from both sides of the “virtual podium” has created a very unique, but also a very comprehensive outlook and knowledge base as it relates to the field of online learning.

Today I am employed by more than three, but less than ten institutions in a few different online teaching and learning capacities.  I have taught online courses, developed online courses, served as a dissertation mentor to online doctoral students, consulted on online curriculum development, and taken part in a number of other online learning ventures. These diverse (and paid!) activities illustrate exactly what you can find yourself engaging in as you get started with or expand your current online education career.

I wake up every day loving my lifestyle for the freedom that it allows me and also for the opportunities that it has given me to help students reach their academic, professional, and personal goals.  And yes; it’s a wonderful feeling 🙂

The Online Professor