4 Ways to Go Digital this Month (w/Online Teaching)

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I’ll never forget that glorious day back ~2001 when I realized that online teaching was a thing.  

Despite a few detours and (largely unsuccessful) ventures into other professional endeavors, the thought of living where I wanted to, having a flexible schedule, and most importantly, avoiding traffic, was and continues to be a major driving force for me.

We have discussed some different ways to get into online teaching, mainly focusing on online higher ed teaching jobs, but today we’ll look at a few other ways to live that digital teaching life!

Online College/University Teaching

The granddaddy of them all the one that I am most familiar with.  Constantly evolving and increasingly growing in acceptance and popularity , teaching online college and university courses will become more and more viable with ever-increasing opportunities, even for master’s and bachelor’s degree-holders!

Online College/University Course Design

Similar to online college and university teaching is course design.  As more and more institutions begin to “move” online, new courses must be created and existing, on-campus courses must be adapted to the online environment.

Not only a lucrative opportunity, but an incredibly rewarding one that promotes creativity, innovation, and real ownership over the courses that will be used by entire university department faculties!

Online non-college or University Teaching/Course Design

As MOOCs have grown in popularity and affordability, people have looked at similar options to learn certain skills or solely for enrichment or entertainment purposes.

Websites such as Udemy and Coursera provide a plethora of courses on an endless number of subjects to satisfy these demands.  Luckily, there are oftentimes needs for personnel to teach these courses or to design them for future facilitation.

The best part about these courses is if you have some type of expertise, in many cases, formal credentialing may not even matter!

Online Language Tutoring

If you’re reading this blog now, you likely have at least a decently strong grasp of the English language.

Thankfully, English remains a major world language and as the de facto “language of business and commerce”.  Because of this, demand for English instruction is high, especially in areas with few in-person teachers and resources available and there are rapidly expanding numbers of organizations and websites that actively recruit native and proficient English-speakers to provide online instruction.

Although formal credentials are oftentimes desired (which can, if needed, be acquired at a reasonable price) in some cases, formal teacher training is not necessary, with many instructors adopting effective teaching styles and knowledge in a short period of time.

So, do you have a formal degree?  Specialized expertise?  A strong grasp of the English language?  All or any of the above?  If so, take a month and start exploring your plethora of options.  I’ll meet you on the roof!


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