Online Teaching Jobs Report – 8/24 Online Teaching Jobs Nursing!

Today’s online teaching jobs listings focus is on online teaching jobs nursing students and professionals would be most interested in!

Some online teaching jobs can be found on traditional job boards, but the vast majority of these would only be found by going to the institution’s homepage, searching for the gig, and then searching through the school’s online course offerings to ensure that classes are taught online (for that area).  This process takes a little more time, but the amount of competition that you face for landing the online teaching job is significantly less when using this method.  As always, check in here to get some ideas of the online teaching jobs listings that are currently out there!

School – Wilkes University

Position – Online Adjunct Faculty

Departments – Graduate Nursing Program
Program – Doctor of Nursing Practice Program


School – Weber State University

Position – “Adjunct Position”

Departments – School of Nursing
Program – AS, BSN, and MSN programs




School – Maryville University

Position – Online Section Adjunct Instructor

Departments – College of Health Professions
Program – Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner


School – Boise State University

Position – Adjunct Faculty

Departments – School of Nursing
Program – Online RN-BS Program




School – Viterbo University

Position – Adjunct Pool Position

Departments – School of Nursing
Program – Graduate Nursing



It never hurts to do a little browsing on school HR pages in order to find online teaching jobs and related positions.  These online teaching jobs nursing and related fields appear very interesting and can be used to supplement income or even to provide that “forever online adjunct” lifestyle!  I’ll post some more open positions next week!

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