The Case for Reaching Out Directly


In 2016, I’m aware that it has been stated to death that there exists GREAT utility in reaching out directly to department officials, even when positions have not been advertised, in order to build direct rapport and ultimately to secure a teaching gig.

Higheredjobs and Indeed are great and I have “indeed” (ha!) picked up work by applying for positions listed on both sets of jobs boards.

Problem is, so have A LOT of people.

Do you want to compete with 10, 20, 50, 100 (that 100 number has been confirmed to me) when trying to secure a position?  In the early stages, of course it will make sense to apply for EVERY such opening that you come across, but why play against a stacked deck?  Doesn’t it make more sense to stack that deck in YOUR favor?

Truth be told, even I have received the unsolicited e-mails from people looking for work (I guess I just have one of those welcoming….faces?).

Are they annoying?

Some are definitely more annoying than others, but any program coordinator or faculty member involved in the hiring process knows that fielding such e-mails are all part of the job (those who aren’t technically involved in the process will get a kick out of the random e-mail that is sent their way and will actually feel special or empowered for the next hour or three!)

Most importantly, reaching out directly can significantly sway the odds in your favor.  Why compete with 100+ applicants when you may be one of a few, if not the only resume to grace the program coordinator’s desk?

Worst case, you receive nothing back however, sometimes openings DO exist.

You’ll never know until you try!

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